Pantry: often-ignored important aspects at the workplace

The pantry has been one of the often-ignored aspects of the workplace but has a huge contribution when it comes to employees’ job satisfaction and impressing your clients. A healthy well-stocked office pantry is where your employees will gain their maximum nutrition, which is important to let them focus well on the work at hand.

A comfy pantry may boost employees happiness

Here are some of the reasons why offices should have pantry spaces for employees:

Increase productivity

When employees are hungry or eating poorly, they get distracted more easily. This makes them less able to focus, less productive, and even grumpy. Besides, according to a study, 2.4 billion hours were lost in US worker productivity because employees would leave their offices for coffee and snack runs. Thus, providing snacks at the office pantry is an investment for businesses for uninterrupted work as the foundation for increased productivity.

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Employees are unable to focus when they are hungry

Keeping employees happy

Job satisfaction and employee productivity go hand-in-hand due to the simple fact that happy employees are willing to go the extra mile. Many factors can play into one’s satisfaction levels, but one thing we know for sure – snacks are a small gesture that can yield big results. Having those mid-afternoon cravings and coming out of the pantry empty-handed will make the employees feel disappointed. A well-equipped pantry develops a perception of inclusive work culture as its a sign of the company’s concern for employees’ welfare. Also, it is one of the ways to appreciate the hard work that employees put in.

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Hungry employees will not feel happy

Social benefit

The pantry considered also as a shared workspace, which can also promote a cross-department community. According to a survey, 90% of employers say that office meals and snacks help their employees to build a stronger internal relationship. This is because when employees are snacking at the pantry, they might encounter other employees and have a quick conversation. Getting along with colleagues will have a significant impact on employee happiness. Close friendships in the workplace lead to increased productivity, and also an integral factor to job satisfaction.

A small chat at the pantry helps to build a new relationship

So…what are the essential assets for a good pantry?

Microwave Oven:

Having a microwave oven will motivate your employees to bring home-packed lunch which is also a way to pursue a healthy lifestyle. When employees get the facility to eat fresh and hot food within the office, it will be pleasing for them to get their lunch packed. Another added advantage of ovens is to be able to organize events like potluck easily. You can even encourage your employees to pursue cooking as a hobby after their office hours or during breaks.

Two White Ceramic Plates Near Microwave On Counter Top

A microwave oven at pantry allows employees to heat up food they bring from home

Dry Snacks:

Cookies, wafers, snack bars are some of the preferred options for long-lasting snacks to satisfy hunger. They are an ideal option for something to accompany with beverages. Especially for the employees of the night shift, these small munching snacks will help them stay awake and alert through their office hours. Also, instant powdered drinks and instant food that requires only hot water are also ideals food for a pantry.

Packet biscuits are excellent small bites to satisfy cravings

Coffee Machine or Coffee Vending Machine:

Around sometime between 1 and 3 p.m., employees will begin to feel sluggish and sleepy. Some might suffer from blur vision and have trouble concentrating. Most people assume this is natural and will head to the pantry to get coffee, assuming they just need some caffeine. When it comes to helping the brain to stay focused, caffeine intake is one of the most preferred options. Having a high-quality tea/coffee machine will be an easy source of caffeine. This would help employees have access to caffeine when required without having the need to of ordering from the cafe. If you have more employees in your business, you may also try to rent a coffee vending machine from Like Me Coffee!

Caffeine is known to boost concentration and thus is an important part of office pantry


Having a refrigerator is something to make your office employees happier. Chilled juices and energy drinks should be available for easy access. One of the greatest advantages is that it will provide cooled beverages for the employees will be during hot weather. Employees will also have the option to store packed meals for longer consumption and their choice of juices and fruits.

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