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We help corporate to automate their office pantry by offering automated coffee machines and coffee vending machines. Our dedicated service team will respond to any issue within 2 hours.

To prevent hassle, it is advisable to get a fully automated coffee machine. Depending on your taste, if you want only coffee like espresso, a basic espresso machine will do. But if you are looking for something with more drinks selections, you will need a better coffee machine. Besides, instead of using instant coffee powder, choosing an automated coffee machine that is able to brew fresh grounded coffee beans is also advisable if you are a real coffee lover.

For our coffee machine and coffee vending machine, it is FREE RENTAL. We will only charge you for the minimum consumption of the coffee beans.

Like Me Coffee offers automated coffee machines and coffee vending machines using both fresh coffee beans and also instant powder.

Like Me Coffee purchase stocks in bulk, allowing us to set a far lower price compared to the other brands. We aimed to serve premium coffee at an affordable price so that everyone is able to afford a premium cup of coffee without the worry of it being costly.

  1. Like Me Coffee provides different packages for coffee machines from table top to coffee vending machine according to your company needs.
  2. We have a service team to service the vending machine weekly and for table top monthly. Our machine works 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about running out of coffee when you need it!
  3. Our machine brews high quality fresh ground coffee beans, we will provide you the coffee beans on rental, so you don’t have to worry for the coffee beans. If you have a desired flavour that you would like to add into the coffee machine, do not hesitate to tell us! 
  4. We provide free maintenance and free cleaning service for our coffee vending machine from time to time! Our table top coffee machine has a self cleaning function, only minor cleaning should be done!

Both are great but if you want a less hassle choice, you might want to rent a coffee machine. Like Me Coffee provides coffee machine renting with free maintenance service, just call us up at 010-2250205 when you need us!

The package varies with the types and package of the coffee machine or coffee vending machine selected. Contact us at 010-2250205 to understand more.

We use exquisite and fragrant Arabica beans from Southern America to produce a rich and balanced flavor that everyone will love.

Our coffee machine can be placed at offices, universities, hospitals, shopping malls and more! Do contact us if you want our coffee machine to be placed at your office!

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