Coffee Facts – A complete list of types of coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Do you know how many types of coffee are there and have you tried all of them? There are so many different brews, beans, and types, that you probably haven’t tasted them in one lifetime and you probably should try. In this list, we will look through all the different options of coffees that existed.

Types of coffee

Black Coffee

types of coffee: Black coffee

Black coffee – a combination of water and coffee with or without any milk. It can serve without adding any flavors such as honey, cream, and milk. The addition of these products will change the aroma and color of the coffee, turning it lighter-brown or white. There are various ways to serve this coffee, and each of them influences the taste in different ways.


Types of coffee: Espresso

Espresso – a famous type of coffee from Italy. High-pressure steam forced through grounded coffee beans to make this type of brew. The final product is a thick coffee with a creamy foam on top. Due to its thickness and high level of caffeine per unit, it is often a base for other coffee drinks such as Americano. You can easily make this brew with an Espresso Machine.


Types of coffee: Ristretto

Ristretto – an espresso shot made like regular espresso but with half the amount of water. (Or in other words, concentrated espresso) The final product is a more concentrated shot of espresso with a slightly different taste.


Types of coffee: Americano

A caffè Americano is an Italian term for American coffee. Scholars believed that the name comes from the U.S. soldiers in Italy during the 2nd World War, who used water to ration the scarce amounts of espresso available at the time. The base of the Americano is espresso. A larger amount of hot water poured over it to make the espresso weaker, turning a small shot of espresso into a large cup of coffee.

Long Black

Types of coffee: Long black

Long black has a stronger taste than Americano and it is just a reverse of americano. Two shots of Ristretto or espresso poured over a smaller amount of water, thus enhancing the taste, making it a cup of Long Black.


Types of coffee: doppio

Doppio, or “double” in English, is a double espresso shot. It passes through the portafilter with a double spout. These days, doppio often considered the standard shot of espresso.


Types of coffee: Lungo

Lungo often confused with an americano and long black due to the appearance. It is simply an espresso that extracted longer and with more water. (also known as dilute espresso) Lungo has the strongest and richest taste unlike the other two, the extra water not just added to the espresso but instead used to extract coffee from the grounds. However, the Lungo is bitter than the Americano and long black.

Black Eye

Types of coffee: Black Eye

Black eye coffee also called a double shot in the dark. It is a unique combination of coffee and espresso, which creates a drink with a high intensity of flavor, and more importantly extra caffeine. A black eye coffee is a very simple drink. It’s a cup of normal drip coffee, either iced or hot, with a double shot of espresso.

Cafe Zorro

Types of coffee: Cafe Zorro

A double shot of espresso added to water using a 1:1 ratio. The difference between Americano and Zorro is the ratio of coffee to hot water used in the coffee. The major difference is that Café Zorro contains double shot and hot water in equal ratios that give you a more concentrated and less diluted double espresso. However, in Americano, adding hot water is to make the drink dilute and taste-like drip coffee texture.

Milk Based Coffee

Despite a lot of people opting for one of the black varieties, adding milk to your coffee can provide a special type of aroma. Other than that, baristas enjoy milk-based coffee due to the use of foamed milk which allows them to decorate their coffee in stunning ways. Milk-based coffee also contains lower concentrations of caffeine and acidity, making it the best coffee for the evening hours. Similar to black, milk-based also includes many different types of coffee.

Flat White

Flat White

Flat white is a popular milk-based coffee consisting of espresso with a lower amount of steamed milk. The espresso flavor still dominates the aroma, while the milk serves as a supporting taste. It’s not the same thing as a white coffee, however (which is a coffee bean originating from Yemen.)



An Antoccino is a single shot of espresso with steamed milk in a 1:1 ratio, served in an espresso cup. Despite the name, it has no link to Italy, nor any meaning in Italian. It served ideally in a small 2-ounce espresso cup, this beverage provides a touch more than a spot of milk whilst maintaining a high ratio of coffee giving it plenty of strength compared to a conventional latte that served in a larger cup with the same amount of coffee.



Cappuccino also consists of espresso and milk. However, there are two types of milk here. The beverage contains 1/3 of espresso, 1/3 foamed milk, and 1/3 steamed milk. You can serve it iced, hot, with cream instead of milk, and in various other ways.



A Caffè latte is different from cappuccino because it contains a lot of milk, while cappuccino preserves the stronger espresso taste. A Latte is not the same thing as a flat white, which is a common misconception. Flat whites have much less milk foam/bubbles. A Latte generally has the ‘milkiest’ aroma out of all milk-based coffees.


Cafe breve

Caffè breve with “breve” meaning “short” in Italian, is an American version of a latte which consists of 1/4 espresso, 1/2 steamed milk, and 1/2 milk foam. It is a bit thicker than the usual latte due to the steamed half-and-half milk which increases the volume of the foam. It is so rich that this drink usually no need to add sugar or any other sweetener. Most of the time, it serves as a dessert beverage.

Piccolo Latte

piccolo latte

Piccolo latte known also as a small latte with warm milk poured over a ristretto shot. Cafés typically serve it in a short 100ml latte glass, so it is basically a little milk coffee shot. There are other names for this coffee, such as Cataldo (Spanish) and Mezzo-Mezzo (Australian). Since drinking two or three full-sized milk coffees a day can be overwhelming, drinking a few of these smaller caffeinated milk shots can be a perfect replacement.



A Macchiato is a strong coffee shot with just a bit of milk. Originally from Italy (and translating to stain or mark), a macchiato is an espresso shot with a small dash of milk. But depending on where you are in the world and what cup you’re using, you may get something slightly different.

Latte Macchiato

latte macchiato

Latte macchiato means ”stained milk,” and this beverage is essentially pouring espresso over a glass of milk. It has the same ingredients as caffè latte but made and served differently. A perfect latte macchiato comes in a tall glass, and you can clearly see the layers of foam on top, espresso in the middle, and milk on the bottom.



Cortado is an even combination of espresso and steamed milk, with a texture that’s flat compared to the frothy latte and cappuccino. It doesn’t have as much foam, and the ratio of coffee to milk can be between 1:1 and 1:2. It served traditionally in a unique glass with a metal wire handle and base. The capacity of the glass should be between 150-200ml. It is very popular in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain.


Gibraltar is the most popular variation of Cortado coffee. It is a cult coffee from San Francisco served in the famous ‘Gibraltar’ glasses. It is a bit colder than a typical Cortado with a wealthier texture. An espresso shot and 85ml of milk added to a heated ‘Gibraltar’ glass to make a typical Gibraltar. However, the main downside with Gibraltar is that the glass can’t maintain the heat, so the coffee cools rather fast. As such, you should drink it quickly for an optimal experience.



The Mochaccino is a variety of the caffè latte. It consists of a double espresso shot, foamed milk, and an additional flavor. Usually, the aroma comes from cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. If you want, you can add some cinnamon, whipped cream, or other toppings. The mocha is like a creamy chocolate coffee – great for beginner coffee drinks as it’s usually the gateway drink into the coffee.

Café con leche

cafe con leche

Café con Leche in Spanish: “coffee with milk” is a Spanish coffee beverage consisting of strong and bold coffee (usually espresso) mixed with scalded milk in approximately a 1:1 ratio. The amount of milk can be higher in café con Leche en vaso or café con Leche de Desayuno. Some people add sugar or sweetener according to their taste. It is similar to the Italian caffè latte and the French café au lait but is closest to the latte.  It is very common at Cuban restaurants to have a walk-up window or “ventanitas” to order cafecito or Cafe con Leche.

Café au lait

cafe au lait

Café au lait is French for “coffee with milk” it is coffee with hot steamed milk added. It is a coffee beverage consisting of strong or bold french pressed coffee (sometimes espresso) mixed with steamed milk in approximately a 1:1 ratio. It differs from white coffee, which is coffee with cold milk or other whiteners added.



Espressino – an Italian coffee drink made from equal parts espresso, with some cocoa powder on the bottom of the cup and on top of the drink, and a part of milk as well. An espressino Freddo is a cold coffee drink with differing ingredients. It is similar to the marocchino and bicerin. A drink made from espresso, steamed milk, and cocoa powder.

Vienna Coffee

vienna coffee

The name of a popular traditional cream-based coffee beverage is Vienna coffee. Coffee or espresso made with whipped cream with milk added on some occasions. People normally drink coffee through the creamy top.

Iced and Cold Coffees

Iced coffee represents a perfect balance of refreshing beverage and soothing coffee aroma. You can make it in two different ways. One way is to brew it cold, which will give it a different flavor, and the other is to make it hot and then cool it with ice, cold milk, or even ice cream.



An affogato (Italian for “drowned”) is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of Fior di latte or vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or “drowned” with a shot of hot espresso.

Café Con Hielo

cafe con hielo

Cafe Con Hielo – The iced coffee version of espresso with 50 ml of espresso served over ice or frozen food. This type of preparation makes it common in the summer months. The frozen foods used in its preparation can range from dairy (cream, milk, yogurt, etc.), to any form of presentation with ice. The popularity of this way of serving coffee mixed with frozen food makes it common in various countries around the world of the ways it served.


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