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Coffee Vending Machine Malaysia

A Combination of Design and Performance

Like Me Coffee Vending Machine features dual espresso technology as well as sturdy Italian craftsmanship that ensure the premium performance. With its dimensions optimizing space in small to medium locations, this coffee vending machine offers an ideal freestanding beverage solution. The coffee machine delivers a wide range of quality hot drinks to suit every taste.

vending machine
vending machine

Various Drinks Selection

The coffee vending machine has a wide choice of quality drinks. You may request up to 18 drinks selections and more to suit every taste. Rental price will be vary with the number of selections you prefer.

vending machine

Design & User Interface

Elegant black/silver aesthetics coloured by two eye-catching panels lit by LED. Capacitive selection panel surrounded by a chrome plated frame. Possibility to install up to three payment systems in the payment area. Designed to coordinate with Melodia range.

vending machine

Interchangeable payment types

The payment system is adjustable according to your needs. The coffee machine has the possibility to install up to three payment systems in the payment area. With your preference, the machine could be cash payment, QR payment, cards payment or with tokens!

vending machine
Like Me Coffee Machine Components
  1. Selections Menu

  2. Dispensing Unit

  3. Lock

  4. Braked Door

  5. Notes Acceptor

  6. Display

  7. Space for Cashless System

  8. Coins Acceptor

  9. Coin Recovery Button

  10. Instruction Corner

  11. Coin Recovery

vending machine

Do You Interesting In Coffee Vending Machine Business in Malaysia?

With the rising demand for convenient and high-quality coffee in workplaces, now is the perfect time to invest. Also, it offers an easy way for employees to get their caffeine fix, boosting productivity and satisfaction. Plus, the low maintenance and high convenience of these machines make them an attractive option for busy offices. Dive into this lucrative market and meet the growing needs of Malaysian businesses by providing top-notch coffee vending solutions. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your coffee machine business journey!